An Expedition to HeelOya Community Based Tourism Village

As a part of the unique inclusive business model that Green Space Holdings has developed, project “We Rise by Lifting Others” assists local businesses that have been embedded sustainability to their business structure to grow by providing knowledge, system implementation, and financial aids.

HeelOya Community-based Tourism Village is one of such which is located in Kandy District, Sri Lanka that enables tourists to explore authentic Sri Lankan values and hospitality of a rural cluster by diving in to their common daily routine and also by being close to the nature.

This business is mostly favoured by its geography which is comprised of mountains, waterfalls, rain forests and also by its authentic gastronomy. Meeting the management of HeelOya CBT Village through Dr. Nirmala Ranasinghe, provoked Green Space Holdings to consider more options for their development & contribution under We Rise by Lifting Others project. As we understood the lack of knowledge and the resources to reach modern digital technologies for reaching global tourism activities.

Start of the aids to this community-based tourism program included research and development for the innovation of the business model that is basically engaged with gastronomy tourism. The resource person for particular initiation was Dr. Nirmala Ranasinghe, Associate professor of Nara Prefectural University, Japan.

Together we identified the requirement for the growth of local businesses in HeelOya area that benefits tourism and enables global market reach with existing resources. It resulted having training programs for scaling up ecofriendly and sustainably adapted small businesses and also to create new entrepreneurs in the area who would be gaining access to the value chain of the inclusive business model of Green Space Holdings (for Exotic Pet Supplies and Home Decor & Appliances product ranges)

Aforementioned program extended with,

  • Identification of resource efficient crops available in HeelOya for the launch of new product development and small-scale businesses. This stage assisted with Kithul Palm range and Ceylon Spices range.
  • Identification of products based on the skills and craftsmanship of local community. It’s where the commercial production of local food and beverage, culinary program, handloom and nature crafts programs were launched.
  • Launch of new brands HeelOya CBT village Products and M&M.
  • Designing of labels and Packaging for the products.
  • Financial support for product developments and launch of businesses.
    • Provide knowledge in use of digital media and marketing.
    • Technology advancements by providing a laptop computer.
    • Technological and financial support to creating a video to encourage their sustainable tourism endeavours (Applying for the UNWTO Best Tourism VillageBTV)

    Aftermath of the initiatives and implementations are being evaluated pertaining to the Green Space SDGS KPI’s. Also, further development is being carried out to sustain the program and secure the economy and personal wellbeing of the community of HeelOya village by engaging them with Green Space value chain which is stronger to overlook them.

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