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There were times that I had a cringed thought that I would be the second best at the place of working since I began my career straight away in the manufacturing & exporting sector. After a few years of struggles and conflicts I was able to convince myself, “No, you have enough guts to be the best”. My adventurous desire for experiments helped me a lot to find a new beginning with the most suitable market to step into back then when we started the mother company, Green Space International Pvt Ltd.

As we had enough resources locally and no competitors at the initial stage to penetrate the exotic pet supplies market, the journey was relatively smooth and let me initiate the new business concept which is aligned with the sustainable development growth strategies that I wished for. From that point onwards the growth of the organization started to bloom rapidly and we were able to satisfy the customers beyond their expectations guaranteeing trust towards our services.

Continuing the development of the new philosophy of the business, more projects were started with a belief that biofriendly innovation would sustain the growth of the community and also the stakeholders of us and which is also my foremost intention.

We assure your involvement with Green Space Holdings will mutually benefit in every corporate aspect without limitation.

Namal Jayasekara

Our Core Values

Mutual Growth
Yield with Class

What we are offering

Hydroponic Substrates

In the recent past years horticulture sector has been diversely developed in

Natural Garden Supplies

The world started facing a huge crisis in the supply chain due

Industrial Coir Fiber Products

Sri Lanka is very rich country with the highest quality coir fibre that is extracted

Exotic Pet Supplies

Most commonly the Europeans and Americans adopt exotic pets that comes from

Home Deco & Appliances

Living sustainably has become a global trend among many nations and one

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High Quilty Products

High quality natural and sustainable exclusive products

New Products Development

Introducing new products and substitutes for existing products

Shipment Delivery

Introducing new products and substitutes for existing products

Personalized Service

Personalized 365 days customer care

Private Labeling

Packaging and private labeling including designing and customization

Bio Friendly Innovation

Doorstep delivery of goods no matter how big the shipment is

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Green Space in a Nutshell

We began the journey through a pandemic that frightened the whole world and collapsed many economies.

We were developed and expanded during the worst economic crisis in the country's history.

We withstood harassments, threats, bullies from our well-wishers.

We were able to sustain the rhythm of the mechanism that we had initiated despite the storms around us.

End of the day Green Space International endured through the rough course & formed skilled sailors. And this is what we ultimately achieved after three years.

Team Behind Us