Green Space NLD Programme

If a business strives to achieve sustainability, it keeps the Sustainable Development Goals in mind and plans strategies to achieve them. Also, as our business does business with sustainability at its core, we are working strategically to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The primary objective of the Sustainable Development Goals is to eradicate poverty. That is, as a business, our company offers job opportunities to employees, orders to raw material suppliers, etc. Through that, we are working to give the maximum contribution to eliminate the poverty of the society around us.

In addition, under the Eighth Sustainable Development Goal, which is the goal of good work and economic growth, our business is very good and does not harm the environment, and since this is an exporting company, this directly affects the economic growth of Sri Lanka.

As a business that continues to progress towards success with sustainability at its core, it contributes to achieving sustainable development goals by working strategically.

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