Enabling an Income Source through Natural Waste?

We, team Green Space has newly developed another product out of waste Coconut wood bark aligning with SDGS concepts as a substitute for the Cypress mulch and other wood mulches that entertain deforestation. Raw material for this product is based on shredded bark that are peeled off during the Coconut wood processing.

These shredded wood pieces are collected through personnel within the bottom of economic pyramid from the wood mills despite having a direct corporate approach to the vendors. This practice strengthens our concept called grow with community which is also a part of an inclusive business model.

Coconut wood mulch is also can be used as a mulch substrate to plants that deliver benefits such as,

            Works as a weed preventive layer by avoiding sunlight for the germination of weed.

            Prevents water evaporation and retains the soil moisture.

            Gives nutrients to the soil when decomposing.

            Generates visual appealing.

Besides this product is also could function as a bedding substrate for your lovely pets.

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