Our Facilities & Resources

When a manufacturing facility is established the first foremost concern is the proper location where the necessary infrastructure and provisions are available. Accordingly, we Green Space Holdings have located the factory in the Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka just by the Colombo – Chilaw new highway centering two large electricity power grids in the area. This location has helped the organization for accessing the raw material, other provisions, logistics, electricity, and other required utilities with ease.

Manufacturing Plant - Nattandiya

The factory premises is well equipped with modern machineries that are used in the industry of coconut related products. Also, we use modern packing machines for packaging of Coco peat blocks and the work area is covered with a dust extraction system for easing the workers to maintain their health and the tidiness in the workplace.

Manufacturing Plant – Munamaldeniya

Equipped with modern and efficient machinery for producing hydroponic substrate products in high capacities with vast stowing areas.

Hand Craft Center - Pannala

Consist of skilled artisans who are highly trained for creating our existing and newly developed products.

Warehouse Facility for Packing Material – Kudawewa

An easily accessible place from any of our production plants with high security for stowing high value packing material and raw material.

Warehouse Facility for Raw Material – Nattandiya / Munamaldeniya

High storage capacity that can stow raw materials for carrying out productions with average products rate for 03 months straight without facing shortages.

New Product Development & Research Center

Contracted with University of Wayamba, Sri Lanka for improving the horticulture and hydroponic products.

Packing Center

Located at Nattandiya factory premises and equipped with necessary packing tools and area that’s required for handling vast assortment shipments.

Raw Material Processing Plant & Drying Yard

A plant which processes high quality raw material as per the exact requirements of the production floors.

Human Resources

Apart from all these human resources are a main criterion which will be considered when it comes to the strength of a company. Green Space Team is consisting of the experts in each job roles and a highly skilled team of workers. Their enormous support towards the organization has maneuver rapid growth of the company within two years. Look at the team behind us