We Rise By Lifting Others

Adapting to the sustainable era of the global corporate and personal lifestyle, our business has developed its unique inclusive business model which addresses the communities within the business and also outside by offering opportunities to be included in the value chain of the organization. Aiming at the long run of the business and also the financial viability by benefiting the favors towards the value chain a several programs have been taken on.

These actions are justified by sourcing raw material and packing material directly from the manufacturers without the involvement of an intermediary parties at fair prices for ensuring the right value and the credits are being offered to the right people, creating opportunities for the employees of the organization to earn additional income to satisfy their personal wellbeing by joining the value chain of the organization as suppliers or service providers.

Besides of all those we are also committed to support with knowledge and financial aids to many local businesses to uphold their consistency and uplift the security of the ventures. These initiatives are being taken with an intention to contribute to the national economy indirectly and to ensure the people and planet factors of triple bottom line. The tasks and the projects under We Rise by Lifting Others theme will only be favorable for achieving SDGS goals and also for the SDGS aligned businesses.