Hydroponic Substrates

In the recent past years horticulture sector has been diversely developed in parallel with technology advancements and turned in to an ecofriendly, sustainable industry. These initiatives have

Natural Garden Supplies

The world started facing a huge crisis in the supply chain due to the COVID19 pandemic and all the sectors including agriculture and food processing sector were

Industrial Coir Fiber Products

Sri Lanka is very rich country with the highest quality coir fibre that is extracted from Coconut husk and its renowned for the strength and the durability among many industries.

Exotic Pet Supplies

Most commonly the Europeans and Americans adopt exotic pets that comes from tropical or arid regions in the world. As examples ball pythons are imported into their

Home Deco & Appliances

Living sustainably has become a global trend among many nations and one of the major concerns is to responsibly consume the natural resources. Also avoiding the deforestation